Knit Magic offers, creative wellness through a combination of life coaching, knitting therapy and traditional classes.

In addition to our conventional private and group classes, we offer ground-breaking programs in the areas of personal growth, illness recovery, charity outreach, and smoking cessation. We also run The Brainwaves School of Creative Arts, a division that offers after-four programs in schools across the GTA.

Our mission is to enrich lives, enhance creativity, reduce stress, and improve overall health through knitting, and we believe absolutely everyone can benefit from it.

We are also passionate about making sure that knitting – which is an addictive pastime due to the favourable changes it creates in our brain chemistry – is done with a proper technique that will never lead to repetitive strain injury. Repetitive strain is rampant in the knitting community, and sometimes the negative effects of an improper technique don’t appear for several years.  At Knit Magic, we offer one-on-one assessments for knitters who want to make sure that they are using a proper, non-damaging technique. We also offer help for those who want to correct an improper or pain inducing technique.

Knit Magic was founded in 2006 by Karen Zila Hayes, a life coach, creative empowerment specialist and multi-media artist. Karen started knitting almost by accident, never dreaming that she’d someday be one of Canada’s experts on knitting therapy, but the story of how it all came to be is a great one. CLICK HERE  for more on the amazing ‘accident’ that started it all.