What if you could offer your staff instant “motivation modules” they could use throughout their workday to increase focus, enhance creative thinking, alleviate stress, and replenish energy levels?

Knit Magic Corporate programs are designed to do just that.

As employers, we can do our best to create an external environment that is conducive to productivity, we can review performances so that our staff is aware of the performance standard they need to meet, but what we have not been able to influence is the moment-to-moment productivity of someone’s brain—until now!

As unified as your workplace may be, all employees have their own ideas on what their work means to them. There are those who work to earn a living and those who are fueled by their work to the point of calling it a passion. The bottom line is: when people feel creatively fulfilled they lead happier, more productive lives. Where a lack of fulfillment drains us, creative expression rejuvenates us, providing reserves of energy to devote to everything we do.

For those employees who enjoy their work, but feel something is missing in terms of self-expression, knitting is a perfect solution. It provides a fun, easy outlet that increases productivity not only by enhancing creativity, but also by the amazing changes it produces in our brain chemistry. For those who are truly passionate and whose jobs keep them in perpetual ‘go-mode’, knitting is also an amazing tool, providing a healthy, calming, de-stressing practice that helps create balance and stability.

One of the reasons knitting is such a powerful workplace tool is that it increases the brain’s Alpha-wave output right at one’s desk. Alpha-waves are produced during activities such as yoga or meditation but, unlike these practices which take one away from work, knitting can be implemented while at work.

Regardless of one’s personal relationship to work, absolutely everyone can benefit from a peaceful, happy workplace. Building a community of knitters creates an externally harmonious environment by supporting the inner peace of the staff.  The end result is a unified, cohesive team able to generate a self-propelled atmosphere of productivity, growth and prosperity.

Our Knit Magic coaches will tailor a program that addresses the specific needs of your company and the areas of improvement that you want to target.  Our programs will:

  • strengthen employee morale, receptivity, and job satisfaction
  • boost memory retention, enhance concentration, heighten focus
  • build creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • improve employee communication
  • increase the ability to seek out/offer constructive feedback
  • promote conflict resolution
  • improve efficiency and optimize productivity
  • create a sense of personal empowerment among employees
  • improve overall employee health and wellness

Below is a brief overview of our corporate KNIT to CLEAR, KNIT to CREATE, KNIT to QUIT, and KNIT for CHARITY programs.  For more information on how knitting works, or on creating a program for your specific workplace needs, please contact us and we’ll be happy to set up a complimentary phone consultation.

KNIT TO QUIT Smoking – Corporate

What better way to improve the general health, well-being and self-esteem of your office than to create an environment of empowered, confident non-smokers?  Our Knit to Quit programs benefit the workplace by improving physical health, promoting emotional well-being, and building self-esteem.

Imagine what it does to a company’s productivity to have its employees losing focus on their work tasks because they’re distracted by their physical addictions? Imagine how much more productive your staff would be if they were able to concentrate fully on their work rather than thinking about how long it will be before their next smoke break?  Cigarette smoking runs rampant in the corporate world because of the vicious cycle that nicotine addiction perpetuates.

We all know how damaging the act of smoking is, but part of what makes it difficult to quit is that the nicotine rush stimulates Alpha-wave activity, temporarily creating the positive effects of calming the body while enhancing concentration.  These side effects may be positive, but they come at much too high a cost. Amazingly, knitting produces the very same chemical changes in the brain without any of the negative health risks.  With KNIT to QUIT your employees can turn their smoke breaks into ‘knit-breaks’.


Research shows that those who engage in creative pastimes have a higher productivity rate in the workplace both in terms of quality and quantity. Knitting is the perfect outlet, not only because of its creative value, but because of the specific benefits knitting produces. These benefits include:

    • enhanced concentration and focus
    • ability to retain information
    • stress reduction

Our programs are custom-designed to seamlessly integrate the power of knitting with the unique needs of each company’s workplace.

KNIT TO CLEAR -Corporate

Knit to Clear programs focus on stress-relief, meditation, and creative visioning to promote conflict resolution and eliminate the obstacles impeding your company’s growth. These obstacles might include:

  • excess mental clutter, impeding overall efficiency
  • workplace tension
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of unity among teams

Our programs are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.


What better way to unite your staff, promote  a ‘big-picture’ mentality, and strengthen your workplace community by helping the community at large than to create a KNIT for CHARITY movement in your organization? Where many corporations allot a portion of their revenues to charity initiatives, the positive effects of this work is sometimes lost on the average employee.  Our KNIT for CHARITY programs not only boost your company profile, they boost employee morale by allowing them the opportunity to see their own contributions having a direct positive impact. Research shows that good deeds improve overall health.