*In response to these ever-changing times, KNIT~MAGIC is now pleased to offer ONLINE CLASSES!*

“Because KNIT~MAGIC’s mission is to bring a postural awakening and a new standard of safety to an otherwise unregulated industry, I had made a conscious choice, years ago, to only teach knitting in-person. I worked only with those local to me, or international clients who were willing to travel. When COVID came along, I decided it was time to make a change and to break new ground.  I made it my mission to devise an online teaching method that would meet KNIT~MAGIC’s ‘safe knitting’ criteria.  After spending the past year creating, testing and perfecting a safe and effective new method of teaching knitting in an online setting, we are thrilled to launch KNIT~MAGIC ONLINE!

Knitting is the PERFECT pastime to relieve the stress and tension of the current times. Knitting, when done properly, creates an array of amazing benefits that not only relieve stress, but actually improve our physical, mental and emotional health. Its really quite astounding. For more on these incredible benefits, click here.

My favourite thing about teaching online is the ability to create a multi-national classroom with students of all ages and from all around the globe. I look forward to seeing you in one of them!”

  ~Karen Zila Hayes, Founder & Director

KNIT~MAGIC’s ONLINE PROGRAMS are offered as private, semi-private and group sessions.  We offer classes general beginner, intermediate and advanced students. In addition, we also offer our unique themed programs (see programs pages) as online classes. For more info on our classes please connect with us via our CONTACT PAGE.