KNIT~MAGIC is revolutionizing the way people KNIT
And the way they THINK about KNITTING.

Knitting is not only a fun pastime, it’s a therapeutic act. Not unlike yoga or meditation, knitting creates endorphins, raises our alpha wave output and puts us in a zen-like state of bliss. But knitting is also a physical activity.

And an addictive one to boot.
And one that requires repetitive motion.
And just like any physical activity, knitting can harm us if we don’t have the proper knowledge and training to do it properly.

Many other knitting classes focus on results rather than technique and, all too often, knitters develop repetitive strain injuries. At Knit Magic we make sure each and every student learns a technique that is tailored to his or her individual needs, and will never put undue strain on any part of the body.

Our ‘SAFE KNITTING’ methods, teachings and philosophies are the first of their kind. For more on ‘SAFE KNITTING’, CLICK HERE.

Not only is KNIT~MAGIC a trailblazer in the area of knitting safety, we also use knitting as the foundation of our ground-breaking approach to health and wellness. We offer courses in the areas of creative empowerment, personal growth, stress-reduction, illness recovery, charity outreach, and smoking cessation.

KNIT~MAGIC also specializes in creative empowerment. Many of today’s knitting classes are based around the completion of a specific project and don’t teach you the skills to create on your own. We teach you to think outside the box and give you the freedom to nurture your own design skills. We also have a strong knowledge of techniques from around the globe. This enables us to assess each student individually and suggest the technique(s) best suited to his or her learning style. This is particularly important when working with clients with arthritis or other mobility issues.

Whether you’re looking for an assessment, a course, a personalized training program or to enhance your wellness and creativity through one of the most amazing activities on the planet, we are here to help!

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