Grow your knitting as you grow your dreams!

Setting goals and recognizing the patterns we want to shift in our lives can be easier said than done, and it’s not for lack of intelligence, will power, or good intentions. Our success is based upon our ability to integrate these changes into our daily lives. Knitting is a grounding, physical practice which engages body, mind and spirit and serves as the perfect tool for anchoring our transformations.

KNIT to CREATE is a life coaching-based program that incorporates knitting, visioning, and goal-setting exercises as the foundation to achieving your goals. Choose a specific goal you want to accomplish by the end of the course, and we’ll help you design a tailor-made program and a tailor-made project to guide you through every step of your journey from creation to realization.

The process of knitting serves as a meditation to help keep you focused on this journey and the knitted work itself becomes a metaphor for this process. Each phase of your project development represents a tangible new milestone in the achievement of your target goal.

KNIT to CREATE programs are offered as private, semi-private and group sessions.