Knitting is an amazingly creative act not only because of all the beautiful things you can produce, not only because it connects you deeply to your own creative energy, but because of the phenomenal changes it creates in you. Did you know that knitting actually changes your brainwave patterns producing, in many, a higher Alpha-wave output than yoga or meditation?

Research shows that knitting has incredible therapeutic benefits and that’s why we’ve developed a series of programs based on its creative healing effects. This healing is facilitated by the zen-like calm produced by the act of knitting, in conjunction with the simultaneous activation of both hemispheres of the brain.


At Knit Magic, we believe that knitting will improve everyone’s overall health and well-being, but the benefits of this super-craft go well beyond the general public. Knitting has been proven to help those coping with a vast number of health-related issues:

1) CHRONIC PAIN: When the calm state produced by a high Alpha-wave output is combined with the intense focus required to read a knitting pattern, the result is that pain signals are diverted from the brain.

2) ADD & ADHD: Knitting is one of the few activities that activates both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, thereby enhancing one’s ability to concentrate and retain information.  Typically, those suffering from attention deficit issues are said to be “right-brained learners” which can often create difficulties in a traditional left-brained teaching system.  Knitting’s simultaneous activation of both hemispheres facilitates the development of left-brained learning skills.

3) CANCER & ILLNESS RECOVERY: The physical toll that cancer treatments take often render patients unable to do much more than lie in bed and contemplate their situation. The link between cancer and stress is now well-documented and the link between one’s recovery and one’s mental attitude is key.  Knitting is a perfect pastime for the bedridden and can be a wonderful activity for the whole family to take part in, alongside their convalescing loved one

4) POST-TRAUMATIC & GRIEF-RELATED STRESS: The psychiatric community agrees that those suffering from post-traumatic and grief-related stress are often greatly helped by being able to talk about their experiences. For many, the key to opening up is being calm enough to do so but, so often, dredging up traumatic experiences creates just the opposite reaction.  Once again, knitting’s calming brainwave pattern produces an immediate state of physical and mental calm, allowing individuals to be relaxed enough to share their feelings.

5) COGNITIVE & MOTOR SKILLS IMPAIRMENT: Those recovering from traumatic brain injuries are faced with the daunting task of attempting to re-generate brain function in any number of areas. Knitting can be extremely effective for individuals who are re-learning motor skills. The simultaneous stimulation of both hemispheres can also prove effective when re-learning cognitive brain skills.

These are just a few of the conditions that can be helped through knitting therapy. The list is endless and new research studies are being conducted all the time. CLICK HERE for a list of selected references. CLICK HERE for testimonials from people whose lives have been positively affected by knitting.