Karen Zila Hayes is a Life Coach, Sensory Wellness Specialist and the Creator of S.A.M. (Sensory Alignment Method). She is also one of Canada’s leading experts on Knitting Therapy. Karen has a very unique focus in the world of knitting. Unlike conventional teachers who focus on expanding one’s roster of knitting skills and helping one become a more accomplished designer, Karen specializes in Postural Alignment and ‘Safe Knitting’.


Unlike the majority of knitters who learn in childhood, Karen came to knitting as an adult and completely by accident (full story below). Fascinated by the addictive bliss this activity was producing in her, she began researching knitting’s therapeutic power and the ever-mounting body of evidence supporting knitting’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical benefits. She immersed herself in the study of this unusual topic.

In her work as a coach, Karen had always promoted the value of creative expression. When she started incorporating knitting into her work with clients, she began to see some very exciting and unexpected results, not only in terms of creative empowerment, but also in terms of overall health. Intrigued by these results, Karen was inspired to put a new spin on her therapeutic offerings. The result is an innovative approach to healing, wellness and spiritual growth, all facilitated by the powerfully grounding effects of this amazing super-craft.

As Karen began to give talks on the subject of Therapeutic Knitting she discovered three facts that would solidify the course of her work:
1) a disturbing number of avid knitters continue to knit despite constant pain
2) a great many knitters who are not in pain put unnecessary tension on their bodies while knitting  
3) as a result of her previous work in the field of alignment, detecting and correcting the flaws in a knitter’s posture came naturally to her

Just as golf pro’s job is to assess a client’s swing and make that swing both more efficient and safe for the body, Karen’s special skill set allows her to analyze and correct postural and mechanical flaws in a person’s knitting technique.

Karen’s mission is not only to educate people about the amazing benefits of knitting but to redefine the way knitting is taught. CLICK HERE for more on Karen’s ground-breaking ‘Safe Knitting’ Program for knitters and knitting teachers.

Karen also offers customized assessments to help knitters of all skill levels redefine their technique, expand their understanding of the mind/body connection and take their knitting practice to the next level. CLICK HERE for more about Knitting Assessments.

In addition to spearheading the ‘Safe Knitting’ movement, Knit Magic offers ground-breaking courses in the areas of creative empowerment, personal growth, stress-reduction, illness recovery, charity outreach, and smoking cessation.