KNIT to CLEAR  is a coaching program that utilizes knitting, meditation, visualization techniques and colour therapy. These programs are designed to help clients alleviate stress and clear the subconscious blocks that are preventing them from enjoying life to the fullest.

Knitting, in and of itself, is a powerful meditation, enabling us to simply and effortlessly achieve a state of calm, clarity and focus. The act of knitting automatically reduces stress by heightening our alpha-wave output, but KNIT to CLEAR programs take things a step further. We help our clients design and create knitted projects that serve as a metaphor for the block and/or stresses they are working to overcome. As the work evolves, it becomes a powerful reflection of their transformation. The end result is a deeper sense of balance, stability, emotional freedom and personal power.

Knit Magic offers private, semi-private, or group lessons in the KNIT to CLEAR series.